DIVA/DIVO is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of people in need by providing free work-appropriate clothing, mentoring programs and other employment-related resources, all designed to assist them in securing employment. We at DIVA/DIVO are committed to restoring and maintaining the dignity and independence of all our clients.

In 2008, Christ Church, welcomed DIVA to our building.  We provided a space, unwavering support and an ongoing belief in the services provided for those in need.  This location provides an accessible location as well as a space that can accommodate the influx of donations and clothing that is needed for DIVA to continue its successful mission.

DIVO was launched in fall of 2008.  There are men in need that are re-entering the workforce and they, too, need work appropriate clothing.  DIVO provides clothing and, as with DIVA, also provides encouragement and support to its clients.  DIVO in essence is also supporting the efforts of DIVA since men in need who are sent back into the workforce help with the burden of family economic support that so many women tackle alone.

The boutique atmosphere of DIVA/DIVO is unique and adds to the quality of the service that is provided to all clients that walk through the door. DIVA and DIVO as a team help women in need, men in need which in turn helps families in need. Women helping women.  Men helping men.  People helping people.

The rest of the needs of DIVA/DIVO are currently being met through the generosity of individuals, organizations, community efforts and volunteers.

To learn more about DIVA/DIVO visit their site here.

For more info, email DIVA/DIVO or go to their contact info

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